Celeste's Hair Almost Looked Very Different In Season 2 Of Big Little Lies

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Celeste Wright, Nicole Kidman's character on Big Little Lies, is having a tough time. At the start of the second season, the Monterey mom is left reeling after the death of her abusive husband Perry. Now, four episodes in, we continue to witness her grieving process — which, so far, includes therapy, a one-night stand (or is it?) with a tattooed bartender, and Ambien.
According to Kidman, Celeste's grief almost led her to doing something even more dramatic than slapping her mother-in-law in the face: chopping her hair off. While chatting with Kidman, a Neutrogena ambassador, about her work with the brand, the actress let it slip that she seriously considered having Celeste undergo a major hair transformation before filming the second season of BLL.
The actress, who's also an executive producer on the show, notes that her vision for Celeste came while she was doing the emotional work for the character, specifically citing her violent and controlling relationship with Perry as a source for her physical appearance. It was largely about how Perry would've wanted Celeste to look — even down to the length of her belly-grazing red hair. "I came up with a whole story where he loved my hair," Kidman explained. "He wanted me to be like that and he didn't want my hair to be cut. At one point, I was thinking, Maybe I should cut my hair."
Ultimately, Kidman decided against the haircut. As much as it would make sense for Celeste to quite literally rid herself of the traumatic weight Perry caused her (something Jane did do almost immediately after his death), Kidman confirms her character isn't emotionally ready — at least, not yet. There's a lot more to come for Celeste in BLL's second season, and let's just say we're more than eager for a scene where Celeste, in a moment of liberation, grabs the kitchen scissors and cuts off about a foot of her hair. We know Jane would approve.

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