Hilary Duff Just Brought Back Her Lizzie McGuire Haircut — & We're In Love

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It can be pretty damn difficult to figure out which summer hairstyle is really best for you. Should you just be practical and chop it all off into a bob? Should you embrace the weather and let whatever texture you naturally have shine regardless of humidity or blazing 90 degree heat?
Hilary Duff can definitely relate to this sense of indecision. In late-May she was all about long, loose waves with bright blonde highlights and heavy, '70s-inspired side bangs. Two weeks later, she decided to go a little shorter with a trim and some honey highlights. And just last night on her Instagram Story, she showed off yet another haircut, chopping off a good 3+ inches and trimming up her bangs into a style that may look familiar to those of us who grew up watching the Disney channel.
Photo: Instagram.
In an interview with Duff just yesterday, she told Refinery29 that these bangs were inspired by her forever-iconic character Lizzie McGuire. "I kind of have been itching for my Lizzie McGuire bangs for awhile," she says.
She also told us that she likes to switch up her hair once she stops shooting her show Younger, just because she gets so bored. (Understandable.) "I'm on set and they're literally blowdrying my hair every day, curling it, and it kinda always looks the same," she says. "I'm always like, 'I want to cut it all off,' which I just did."
As Duff revealed on Instagram, the stylist behind this chop is Nikki Lee, who's been behind some of Duff's most notable chops, including those '70s bangs and that time she went "winter white" this past November.
But back to Lizzie. Even for Duff, Lizzie continues to offer hair inspiration to this day. "She had a wild time with her hair. There were no rules," she says. "There were blue hair scrunchies and all kinds of crazy shit. There are some things like topknot buns and crimping... I feel like that could be a thing again."
Did Hilary Duff just set the stage for Lizzie McGuire's hair trends to be a thing this summer? If so, we wouldn't be mad at it.

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