Kendall Jenner Says Kourtney Kardashian Bullies Her To Look Cool In Front Of Her Younger Friends

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Relationships between siblings can be fraught. But the difference between normal sibling drama and the feuds within the Kardashian-Jenner clan is that the entire world gets a peek at the tensions within this reality TV show family. This week, it's Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian who are at odds, because, according to Kendall, Kourtney is being a big bully.
In a new clip from Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Jenner and sister Khloé Kardashian are having a heart-to-heart over candy. Jenner reveals that her recent ski trip with Kourtney had its peaks and pits — the pits being Kourt's constant degenerations.
"Kourtney and I have been getting a bit closer the past couple of years, and I love that she hangs out with my friends, but, to be honest, there were some moments when she was a bit rude, and it was getting to me at a point," explained Jenner in the talking head portion of the show.
She got more specific with Khloé over what really happened on the trip.
“I just felt like she was trying to be cool in front of my friends, and like younger people who are cool, at my expense," Kendall lamented. "Like, when we got into the car, she sat in the middle because she’s the smallest, and she immediately put her feet up on my center console. Mind you, it’s like rainy and muddy outside. So I say ‘Kourt can you not put your feet up on my thing?’ and she goes 'Kendall it’s a fucking vehicle.'"
The trip Kendall is referring to appears to be one the girls took in January of 2019. Grown-ish star Luka Sabbat, who was reportedly dating Kourtney in 2018, was on the trip, as were several of Kendall's girlfriends.
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Here's a video of the gang getting snow chains put on their car. (The one with stains all over it from Kourtney's mucky shoes.)
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Kendall also noted a time on the trip in which she asked Kourtney to put her car keys in Kourtney's pocket, and Kourtney lashed out — causing Kendall's friends to laugh along with Kourt instead of stick up for Kendall.
"None of them took my side, they all laughed," Kendall said. "She was putting me down to make herself feel higher."
If it's true that Kourtney is leaving Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we may never see that reconciliation on camera.
Check out the new clip below, and pray Kendall gets a better end of this whole sibling deal soon.

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