Kris Jenner Says The Kim-Kourtney Feud Has Been Brewing For Years

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Get this: The feud between Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian has been brewing for years. Can you believe? This is from matriarch Kris Jenner, who recently went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss the sisters' disagreement.
"That was something that had built up over a long period of time," Jenner told Degeneres regarding the sisters' now-epic fight. In the season 15 premiere, which aired in August, Kourtney and Kim came to verbal fisticuffs over Kourtney's role in the Kardashian Industrial Complex.
Most famously, Kim called Kourtney the "least interesting sister to look at." (The comment, shockingly, did not go over well.)
"I think that they had been having these differences of opinion on Kourtney's work ethic and who was working harder...And [Kourtney's] priorities weren't where their priorities were," Jenner added of the feud, which also included Khloé. Even though she feels omnipresent, the matriarch of the family told DeGeneres that she isn't always present when these disagreements happen. In a way, these spats come as a shock to Jenner, too.
In the episodes since the premiere, Kourtney and Kim have gotten into a number of fights, most of them Kim-mad-at-Kourtney, and not the other way around. Most recently, Kim got mad at Kourtney for dressing like a "clown" in Tokyo during the shooting of Yeezy season 7 campaign. But the fights have inspired a renaissance of sorts for Kourtney, who has long been the lowest-profile sister in the famous family. As of now, Kris said, the sisters aren't squabbling anymore. They've said as much on social media, although sometimes their subtweets say otherwise. For a feud that's been brewing for so long, it resolved itself awfully quickly. Or, it just fit naturally into the season 15 arc.
Watch the clip of Jenner, below.

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