Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 15, Episode 9 Recap: Yeezy In Crisis

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Welcome to the safest, most contoured space on the Internet: A space where we can openly discuss, dissect, and indulge in the greatest show of our time, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. If the space looks slightly different this week, that’s because I, a person who does not usually recap this show, am stepping in for Morgan Baila! So, welcome to the place on the internet where photoshoots abound and facelifts are fun activities to embark on with friends!
This episode primarily concerns itself with Yeezy season 7, Kanye’s next launch. Kim bops over to Japan, where she shoots all 20 of the new Yeezy outfits. That happens, and Kris gifts her best friend with a brand-new facelift. None of this is stirring, make-the-headlines drama, but this episode does contain some hints about Khloé’s upcoming relationship disaster. In the middle of the episode, Kris receives a call from Tristan, who asks for help in picking a push present for Khloé. (For my non-gifters in the back, that’s a gift for a person right after they have a baby.)
But, for the most part, this is a filler Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode, which means that drama unfurls, but it never reaches full volume.
Nuts for Churros
The season is really casting Kourtney as the villain. This week, her villainy comes from being too invested in health foods. So, when Scott and Kim head to a churro shop (which is...dead empty), Scott is determined to keep Kourt from discovering what they're up to. She calls him, and he immediately lies to her, claiming that he’s at a “health food” store and not a churro shop.
Sister Tiffs in Tokyo
The main focus of the episode! Kim is heading to Japan to shoot a Yeezy campaign, which is apparently arranged entirely around her Japan trip.
“Japan is, like, the forefront of fashion,” Kim proclaims.
She has 20 looks to shoot for the campaign, which is season 7 of Kanye’s rule-breaking endeavor. (Season 6 was the sweatshirts-and-bras paparazzi pics campaign.)
Some drama arises when Khloé and Kourtney wear outfits that “clash” with Kim’s Yeezy ‘fit. The Yeezy outfit, to be clear, is a blazer-vest combo with matching pants. Kourtney wears a translucent skirt and tube top, and Khloé is in a glittery silver dress.
Kourtney’s retort is vicious: “Well, you look like you just did the Tour de France.” She’s referring to the biker shorts of Yeezy’s last season.
Later, Kim is even harsher, telling Kourtney that she thinks she’s “trying too hard.” She advises Kourtney to be more Kendall-ish, which means she should become a supermodel? Idk.
“I think you have it in you. It’s just that I think you better evolve,” Kim says.
This all leads to a thrilling confrontation with Kourtney, the current winner of KUWTK season 15 (Kim gets some wins in there, but for the most part, Kourt is in the lead.)
“Do you know how easy it is to be a bitch?” Kourtney says right after she lobs her own insults at Kim. It would be very easy for Kourtney to take the Kim path, but she hasn’t — Kourtney has been relatively quiet throughout the trip.
When the photos have all teen taken, Kourtney and the “glam squad” sit down with Kim to discuss her “delivery.” It’s her tone that’s so bothersome, Kourtney points out.
But also, neither Kourtney nor Kim like Khloé’s hair. Ever.
There’s Something About Sheila
Meet Sheila! She’s one of Kris Jenner’s best friends, and she’s concerned that her face doesn’t have the same “spark” that it used to have. She wishes she had a long neck, and, because Kris has the ability to be generous, Kris is going to make that happen.
The more interesting part of that conversation is that apparently Kim is obsessed with looking for what work a face needs done.
“She’ll stare at you,” Scott says, widening his eyes. “I don’t even like looking at Kim,” he adds. Because she’ll find your flaws, and quick. Look, not all of us can be perfectionists like Kim!
Later, Sheila gets the surgery. Kris declares: “This is really just a love letter to her for all of her friendship.”
Kourtney Likes Japanese Porn
Just something you should know!

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