Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 15, Episode 7 Recap: Kourtney's Mommy Issues

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Episode 7, "The Perfect Stormi," is predictably about the newest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. After a season of mystery around Kylie Jenner, we are finally getting a look at her pregnancy, and the birth of her daughter with Travis Scott, Miss Stormi Webster. We also realize the cause of all of Kourtney Kardashian's frustrations, angers, and fears: Kris Jenner. Or specifically, Kris Jenner's divorce from Kourtney's dad, Robert Kardashian, Sr. Things are about to get deep. Let's get to recapping.
Weather Forecast: Stormi
She's hereeee. After keeping the "best kept secret of our generation" (Kim's words), Kylie gives birth to Stormi. (For those trying to keep up: Chicago is the oldest, then two weeks later Stormi is born, then three months later, True.) As I'm sure you remember, Kylie never even confirmed her pregnancy until she dropped a YouTube video after she gave birth revealing private footage of her pregnancy and birth. It's honestly so impressive, and they know it. Kim applauds Kylie for her ability to keep the pregnancy under wraps, but really applauds Kylie's small circle of friends for never saying a peep about their friend's much speculated private life. Kim says that her friend group in her early 20s (would that include Paris Hilton?) would never have looked out for her like that. A learning experience in more than one way.
But back to the birth — while Kris is in the middle of a really rough patch with Kourtney (more on that later), she is in a really good place with her youngest. In fact, she literally delivers Stormi. "I delivered the baby — I pulled her out," she tells Kourtney, Khloé, and Kim who are wholly grossed out.
"Now Caitlyn can never say we have big mouths and that we leak everything," Kim remarks during the conversation. Looks like Kylie's pointed silence served more than one purpose.
Later, at family dinner, Kylie shows off Stormi and shares the story of her "first kiss." Apparently, Kim jokingly gave Stormi a big kiss on the lips and declared, "I just gave her her first kiss!" Kylie is still a little salty over Kim stealing Stormi's "first" from her. Kim laughs, but Kylie does actually seem upset. Never a spotlight Kim wasn't ready to steal.
Mommy Dearest
Now that Kourtney has patched things up with Khloé and Kim, she has her eyes on her mom. Kourtney, via her infamous therapist, starts telling her sisters that she has some buried childhood trauma (ok not trauma, more like childhood frustrations) stemming from her parents divorce. Growing up, Kourtney was also closer to her father, so when they split, she wanted to live with him and always preferred to be with her dad.
After her dad died, Kourtney never established a strong connection with Kris, and feels that Kris never really tried to form one with her either. Now, at age 39, Kourtney is ready to bring up old wounds. She starts picking fights with her mom, and being bitchy towards her. She is passive aggressively engaging in conflict with her mom, and Kris starts to notice.
"If there is something you need to have me work on, I am 100 percent ready to work on it," Kris tells Kourtney during a confrontation encouraged by Khloé (Khloé is the best sister. Fact.) It's a tearful conversation that comes to a point of resolution. Kourtney promises to be less of a bitch, and confront her mom more instead of keeping it all in. Kourtney is growing as a person, she says, and she sees similarities in Younes Bendjima and her mom's behavior. (Is this part of the reason Kourtney would eventually ends things with Younes?)
After the conversation, Kris and Kourtney go on a day mother-daughter date together, already putting their best foot forward.
R.I.P Gabbana
Khloé has to say good-bye to her best friend of 12 (or 13) years after her health starts to rapidly deteriorate. With the help of her assistants and the support of her family, Khloé puts Gabbana down and relives all the years of comfort the black lab has provided for her. Other than Khloé, Kendall is the most upset of all of the sisters. Kendall grew up with Gabbana, and was heartbroken upon hearing the news. So, the Best Kardashian Sister Khloé prepared a really special gift for her: a necklace featuring a replica of the pup's paw print. She also reveals that she cremated Gabbana and will keep her ashes. Khloé is just the cutest. She sees a connection between Gabbana's passing, and her future baby. A full circle moment in Calabasas.
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