Was Khloé Kardashian Right Not To Break Up With Tristan Thompson?

Photo: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images.
Many people felt unbridled rage when they saw photos of Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson cheating on his girlfriend Khloé Kardashian, who was at the time pregnant with their daughter True. Fans (and haters alike) of Keeping Up With the Kardashians saw red, their hands curled up into fists, and they vowed to throw away their Thompson jerseys. But the one person who mattered most in this situation— Khloé — has kept quiet about the scandal, even as evidence piles up that that they are back together.
People recently reported that a source says Thompson feels the weight of his actions, telling the paper that “he wants Khloé to be happy with him,” and that they are seeing a therapist. Thompson is even making the social media rounds with photos of himself and baby True. Between Kardashian’s silence and Thompson’s image rehab tour, it’s clear that they’ve made a choice to stay together.
There is no right choice, of course. There are only choices that work best for each individual couple — and in this case, there’s a newborn baby in the mix as well. Fans are experiencing mixed reactions, ranging from resignation to petty snark, but few are letting Thompson off the hook.
For all of their anger, fans will never know the deepest ins and outs of their relationship, nor what Kardashian may have been thinking and feeling. Cheating reveals a lot about the cheater themselves — and that knowledge isn’t pretty. And for many couples, that knowledge can be an essential truth that allows a couple to move forward. In a generation where relationship therapy is as commonplace as podcasts, working through issues is easier than before. Cheating hurts, but so do breakups.
Still, cheating doesn’t just affect the couple. It affected Kardashian and Thompson’s children, Kardashian’s family and television show, and even Thompson’s career on the basketball court. But whether this is an example of millennial post-cheating attitudes or just a desire to keep a family intact, one thing is for sure: Kardashian’s choice is her choice, and she deserves support regardless.

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