Taylor Swift's New Merch Has A Typo & Fans Have Questions

Photo: Robert Kamau/GC Images.
It looks like Taylor Swift could use a proofreader in her squad. Several sleuthing fans have pointed out an error on some of the singer’s new merchandise. It reads "Your'e the only one of you. Baby that's the fun of you" with the apostrophe landing in the wrong place on 'you're.' Apparently the mistake has been on the merch for more than a month at this point, and people are genuinely shocked that they’ve only just noticed the rogue apostrophe.
Many highlighted the irony of the error: In her latest single, “Me!”, Brendon Urie, from Panic! At the Disco, enthusiastically proclaims, “Hey, kids! Spelling is fun!” Overall, the song has a whole spelling theme, which makes the typo in question that much more amusing for fans.
Several fans have theorized that Taylor — ever the lover of dropping both subtle and not-so-subtle clues about her music — just might be using the typo as some type of Easter egg. The question, of course, is what could it all mean?
Taylor’s glittery, rainbow-filled “Me!” era officially began on April 26, when she released the single alongside an entire merch line. Tay herself was spotted the week before wearing a pink, long-sleeve crop top with roses on the front and her name on the sleeve in white lettering. Many fans were certain that Taylor was giving the world a preview of her new merch, and as it turns out, their predictions were accurate as usual.
That same crop top is now available for purchase at the official Taylor Swift online shop, alongside a collection of other dreamy, pastel-hued pieces — although there’s no word yet on whether Team Taylor will be correcting those typos.

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