Tired Of Game Of Thrones? Here’s A Video Of Prince George On A Swing

Photo: Matt Porteous/KENSINGTON PALACE/HANDOUT/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock.
With the end of Game of Thrones and its many feuding royals, it’s time to remember that not all those from a royal lineage are seeking power 24/7. Some princes just want a garden to swing in. So is the case for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s five-year-old son, Prince George, who discovered a real love for nature in a gorgeous garden in London.
In a new video posted on the Kensington Palace Twitter account, Prince George and his sister Princess Charlotte can be seen frolicking in the Back To Nature garden at the RHS Chelsea flower show this weekend. Prince George is particularly enjoying a swing set up in the garden.
“How many marks out of 10 would you give [the Back To Nature garden,] 10 being the highest?,” Prince William asks his son.
“20,” replies Prince George.
“I think Mummy’s done well,” responds Prince William.
As part of her advocacy work, Kate helped design this garden, with the intention of creating a space that encourages children to play outside. Kate is an advocate for early childhood development, and in a letter thanking those for helping out with the RHS Chelsea flower show, per Harper’s Bazaar, explained the importance of her work.
“In recent years I have focused much of my work on the early years and how instrumental they are for outcomes later in life,” she writes. “I believe that spending time outdoors when we are young can play a role in laying the foundations for children to become happy, healthy adults.”
She added, "The first few years of life, from conception to five, are pivotal for our future health, happiness, and ability to cope with adversity — and probably more so than at any other point of our lifetime. Understanding that our brain develops to 90 percent of its adult size within these first five years helps crystalize how our experiences in these earliest years are so impactful, and influences who we become as individuals."
Prince George may not know much about the reason behind his mom’s special place, but he certainly seems to be enjoying it. Check out the sweet video below.

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