Victoria Beckham's Moon Water May Not Be As Magical As It Sounds

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At a recent stay at a posh med spa in Tegernsee, Germany, Victoria Beckham drank a bottle of "full moon water," and shared a photo of it on her Instagram story. The beverage was all part of a complicated detox that she was doing at a spa called Lanserhof. But you can find the bottled moon water online through the German brand, St. Leonhards Quelle.
Per the brand's website, moon water is water that's been bottled on the day of a full moon, and therefore contains some energetic properties. "The biophysical water quality changes depending on the moon phase," according to the translated website. They also sell waters that somehow harness the power of the Sun and ones that encompass "light," although it's very unclear what exactly that means.
From a scientific standpoint, it's accurate to say that the moon affects our water — that is, the moon's gravitational pull definitely affects the ocean tides. Whether or not the moon could enhance or charge bottled water remains to be seen or studied. In fact, on the German moon water website, they have a disclaimer that, when translated, says: "Please note that the view presented here goes far beyond the current state of science, and that classical medicine has neither accepted nor recognized the effect of bioenergetic oscillation."
But that hasn't stopped many people from trying to tap into the moon's energy using water. Lots of people make their own moon water by "charging" a jar of water beneath the full moon for a night. Then, people use the moon water for all kinds of things, from cleansing crystals, to bathing in moon water, or simply using it as an alter. Of course, some people also drink moon water in order to absorb the energy of the moon. Considering how much it would likely cost to ship a German bottled moon water stateside (prices aren't listed on the website), making your own might be your best bet.
Luckily for moon-gazers, there is a full moon in Scorpio this weekend, which could be your chance to try out moon water for yourself. And hey, drinking more water is pretty much always a good idea, regardless of what the moon is doing. Just don't expect a jar full of water that's been sitting out all night to "cleanse" or "detoxify" your body.

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