Hate Drinking Water? There's An App For That

PHotographed by Molly Cranna.
In the year 2019, we need smartphone apps to remind us to breathe, eat, and — you guessed it — drink the fluid that makes up 60% of our bodies: water. Staying hydrated is crucial to your health, and the average person needs to consume about three quarts of water a day. Call us lazy, but there are tons of smartphone apps designed to remind you to drink, or log the water you've already sipped, so you can stay healthy and hydrated all day long.
Despite how basic drinking water is to our wellbeing, lots of people would rather guzzle La Croix or cold brew than sip on straight-up water, which is why having gentle smartphone reminders can help.
While these apps won't necessarily help your smartphone reliance (which, TBH, is another health concern) they'll nudge you in the right direction toward a glass of water. Whether you're a H2O-hater or you like to keep track of your hydration for health reasons, ahead are the apps to download next.

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