LaCroix Is Teasing A New Flavor — & People Have Thoughts

Is LaCroix still a thing? Do the kids still pose with it on Instagram these days? None of that really matters because LaCroix (pronounced La-CROY, for the record) has enough loyal fans to guarantee its staying power. People write songs about LaCroix and as long as startups are in business, a LaCroix will always have a fridge to call home.
Can any LaCroix flavor beat Pamplemousse? Probably not. But we love seeing a favorite brand reinvent itself and according to the brand’s Twitter, the West coast is getting a first taste of its newest addition: HI-Biscus.
On Monday, LaCroix’s Twitter page shared teasers of the new flavor, a pink can. It generated buzz and excitement, for sure, but just not necessarily for a hibiscus flavor — fans saw a pink can and immediately thought it could be watermelon.
Hibiscus might not sound so familiar, but you’ve probably seen it before. Remember those bright pink donuts that were all the rage in 2014? The pink was brought to you by hibiscus: a gorgeous tropical flower that is widely used in West African and Caribbean teas and beverages.
We can’t help but notice that LaCroix’s branded spelling of hibiscus is “HI-biscus,” which looks a lot like Hi-C, the Minute Maid juice products that lit up my childhood. But one observant LaCroix fan dug deeper into the spelling’s potential meaning.
Either way, LaCroix’s HI-Biscus flavor already has a loyal fan base, with Twitter followers in the Midwest and along the East coast wondering when they’ll be able to enjoy LaCroix’s latest. Turns out, hibiscus tattoos are more common than pamplemousse ones.

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