S'mores Oreos Are Back! Plus New Summer Flavors

Oreo is one of those snack brands that you don’t get mad at for reinventing itself. You can always trust you’ll be able to find the classic Oreo at any corner store and gas station in the country. So when Oreo doubles the cream or halves the cookie, we don’t stress because we’ve only got a new Oreo to gain.
While Oreo’s most outrageous creations come and go with little notice, we now know the next five Oreo flavors to hit the shelves.
Perhaps taking a cue from Starbucks’ success with its S’mores Frappuccino, Nabisco is bringing back its limited edition S’mores Oreos this May. And as you probably guessed, it comes with graham cracker cookies and chocolate and marshmallow layers of flavored cream.
In June, keep an eye out for Latte Thins, the latest permanent addition to the Oreo family. Snack food fans on Instagram have also been speculating on the June arrival of a space-themed Oreo commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing with themed embossments and marshmallow moon cream.
Of the 31 flavors in Baskin Robbins’ offerings, the Mint Chocolate Chip would be the best to sandwich between two Oreo Cookies. If you liked the mint creme Oreos, come mid-July, this one couldn’t possibly disappoint.
Perhaps the least Oreo of the upcoming Oreo flavors is August’s Maple Creme. An appropriate transition into the fall? Yes. An Oreo flavor with longevity? We’ll have to taste to find out. But what’s not to love about Golden Oreo cookies filled with maple cream?
What would Oreo be if it didn’t mix it up every now and then? Variety is the spice of life, as they say. Plus, experimentation is always welcome as long as you don’t mess with the original.

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