The First Photos Of Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's Baby Boy Are Finally Here

Before welcoming their son, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry told the public that they were going to share the first photos of their child in their own way, and they did just that. Instead of opting for photos in front of St. Mary's Hospital, the couple returned to their roots at St. George Hall in Windsor Castle, where they had their wedding reception in May 2018.
In the first photos, the new parents are...glowing. And the baby is...bundled. The two gave a brief interview with their son to the media, and one journalist asked for them to show the baby's face a bit more, but according to Prince Harry, "his looks are changing every single day." As someone who has personally been around newborns before, I can attest to this observation! Babies are wild like that. But are you ready for a close up of the royal baby boy? I'm not sure you are...
Okay, here:
After giving birth Monday, May 6, at Frogmore Cottage, Prince Harry gave another interview, telling the world how excited he was to be a father and how much he admired his wife. He also thanked two horses. I hope his son, the seventh in line for the throne, learns this great manners!

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