Sweet Mother-Daughter Gifts That Are Perfect For Mother’s Day

Photographed By Megan Madden.
Mother’s Day is almost here, and when you give your mom a gift, why not give yourself a gift as well? There are a lot of cute mother/daughter-themed gifts out there, from keepsakes like jewelry and picture frames, to creativity-inducing presents like scrapbooks and journals, to fun gifts like matching wine glasses.
And while a lot of the “mother/daughter” gifts out there are intended for moms with children who are, well, children, you don’t have to try to squeeze on a bracelet that’s meant for a preschooler. There are a lot of sweet, meaningful and fun gifts that work for grown women and their moms, too.
Mothers and daughters have a special kind of relationship: one 2016 study found that mothers and daughters have more similar corticolimbic circuitry — meaning their brains work in similar ways to process and regulate emotions — than mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, or fathers and sons. So if you feel like your mom just gets you, there’s some science behind that. And hey, if your brain works the same way, your taste in jewelry or wine just might, too.

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