These Songs Will Show Your Mama How Much You Appreciate Her

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.
For about as long as there have been songs, people have been writing songs about their moms. From their love to their smile to their hands to the hopes and dreams mama had for them (and the ways mama tried to stop them from being the worst), a mother's love has been the inspiration behind many a sweet, and often homesick, lyric.
And wow, what a difference a mother's love can make! It brought us one of the sweetest moment's of Kanye West's career, with "Hey Mama." 2Pac brushed down his tough as nails persona with "Dear Mama." And Kacey Musgraves brought the party on Golden Hour to a grinding halt with the ultra sad ballad, "Mother."
But for some stars, moms are more than just a tribute. They're a reason to celebrate! Just ask Taylor Swift, Drake, and Chance the Rapper. And let's not forget the mom songwriters, who pen amazing, inspiring tracks about their experience, like Brandi Carlile and Jhené Aiko.
Ahead are songs for all kinds of moms, from those who saved our lives to those who gave us life to the mom who is the reason we think we can accomplish all our wildest dreams.

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