Here's How Much Taylor Swift Is Really Worth

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We’ve all been waiting with bated breath to see what exactly Taylor Swift would release on the long-anticipated April 26th. Well, today’s the day, and we’ve been presented with a lollipop pastel dream of a song, called “ME!” Surrounded by women in suits, and donning one herself, Swift twirls around a bubblegum world doing what she does best — singing about boys and looking like an expensive businesswoman.
Whether you love TSwift or hate her, it’s impossible to ignore the enormous success (and pitfalls) she’s had over her roller-coaster of a career. Since her first self-titled album in 2006, she’s been pumping out cross-genre bangers, surprising her fans across the world, and amassing a serious amount of wealth. Below, we look at just how much dough the curly-haired star has in her pockets.
After moving to Nashville with her family so she could pursue a music career, Swift signed briefly with RCA records before leaving to sign with fledgling indie label Big Machine Records. In 2006, she released her first album, Taylor Swift, which sat on the Billboard 200 charts for 157 weeks and has sold 7.75 million copies to date. She has gone on to sell millions upon millions of albums, with every single album selling at least two million copies in the first year, despite the drastic decline in overall album sales as streaming takes over.
Swift’s real money grabber is her series of sold-out, mind-blowing tours. She embarked on her first, the Fearless Tour, in 2009, which boasted 118 shows and 1.2 million attendees and grossed roughly $75 million. From there, her tours gross has grown exponentially — they've brought in a total of $687.7 million in the U.S. alone — with her most recent Reputation Tour breaking the record for the highest-grossing by bringing in $345 million with just 38 shows.
Swift’s net worth goes far beyond her music. She has a long-term partnership with Diet Coke, a very successful merch store, and a Netflix documentary that’s rumored to have made her millions.
Plus, Swift has a real estate portfolio of $84 million, ranging from a $25 million mansion in Beverly Hills to her $20 million penthouse in NYC’s Tribeca neighborhood (which was formerly owned by Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson). She’s also rumored to have a townhouse and a condo in the same neighborhood, because of course she needs a lot of space for her girl squad and all her cats.
So, we get it, Taylor Swift makes a LOT of money. But how much is she actually worth? According to Celebrity Net Worth, it's $400 million, with the music mogul raking in an estimated $150 million a year. She’s come a long way since teardrops fell on her guitar. From donating $113,000 to an LGBTQ charity to winning ten Grammys (and 32 nominations!), we’ve gotta admit, we’re pretty proud of this very talented and business-minded star.

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