Euron Isn't Really The Father Of Cersei's Baby On Game of Thrones, Right?

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Warning: Spoilers for Game of Thrones season 8 episode 4 are ahead.
A lot just happened in episode 4 of Game of Thrones' final season. For an episode that followed the literal Night King's death, our crew really, really covered some ground. One thing that the latest episode didn't fully explain though, is who the real father of Cersei's baby is.
This week, Tyrion tried to use Cersei's unborn child as a reason that she should surrender on Game of Thrones, but he underestimated how power hungry his sister is. She's willing to risk it all, even her child, to defeat Daenerys. While it does seem clear that Cersei is still pregnant on Game of Thrones (although you do never really know for sure with her), her reaction adds some intrigue to the real question. And even though Jaime was the father of Cersei's baby last we checked (it's possible she lost that child), she's now suggesting that her baby is Euron's — and there are about a million reasons why.

Why Cersei's Baby Is Very Likely Still Jaime's

If this is the same pregnancy that Cersei revealed in season 7, it's still Jaime's child. Back then the siblings were still sleeping together and the baby could be no one but Jaime's. Cersei was not ashamed of that fact and told Jaime at the time that she would admit to people that he was the father. Since then, however, Jaime has betrayed Cersei and she has betrayed him. She refused to pledge support to the White Walker war, so Jaime left her and King's Landing behind. While the timeline isn't totally clear, but at the time, Cersei wasn't showing, and it doesn't appear that a huge amount of time has passed between seasons 7 and 8, so it stands to reason that the baby is likely the same one she teased to Tyrion back in season 7. If that's the case, Cersei wasn't too far along, so that when she was handed a unique opportunity to legitimize her child and forge a significant allyship with Euron Greyjoy, she was able to take it and make it believable.

Why Cersei Told Euron He's The Father Of Her Baby

She already promised to marry Euron after the war, but he wanted to be let into her bedchamber early. After they slept together, he pledged he would "put a prince in [her] belly." Cersei's face during that interaction showed she was deep in thought. Some fans believed that she'd already lost the baby and his reminder of children was too painful for her. But that look could also be the one of a woman getting the perfect excuse to claim Euron as the baby's father.
It's a move that will hurt Jaime, which would be an easy way for Cersei to get back at him for leaving her. But it will also legitimize her child as the next in line for the throne with a respectable partner rather than her brother. Euron is not that respectable in many ways, but the people of the Seven Kingdoms would probably look down on Cersei having her brother's baby, whereas Euron frees her from that potential scrutiny. Thinking they are expecting a child will also incentivize Euron to continue fighting hard for Cersei to win — he has a lot to gain from her victory.

Why The Cersei Baby Daddy Drama Matters

Jaime is now on his way back to King's Landing and to Cersei. He will not be pleased to hear that Cersei has claimed Euron as the father when the truth is really that Jaime is. Jaime does seem quite vengeful towards his sister now, especially knowing that she sent Bronn to kill him. He could very well reveal the truth to Euron, potentially causing Euron to turn on Cersei — possibly in a deadly manner.

Why Cersei's Baby's Real Father Might Never Be Revealed

All of this baby daddy drama may be for nothing in the end, though. The witch's prophecy in season 5 stated that Cersei would only have three children. This baby would be the fourth, and so its chances of survival seem slim in keeping with the prophecy. Cersei may think the odds of winning the war are in her favor, but her happy little royal family with Euron is likely out of reach, even if she manages to get past Jaime.

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