"Fish Nails" Are Trending For Spring — & We Never Saw This One Coming

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When it comes to nail art, there's no predicting what's going to take off as a trend. We thought the rainbow manicure lived and died in middle school, but mismatched polish is undeniably cool again. Surprisingly chic cow-print nails continue to climb in popularity. And the newest breakout trend is nothing we ever imagined putting on our hands. World, meet "fish nails."
We recently spotted the bright aquatic trend floating across the feeds of Instagram's in-the-know nail pros. And considering the tropical connotation, we're guessing it will continue to gain traction well into summer's beach season. From a detailed goldfish swimming across every finger to koi accents on just a few, scroll through for every way to style the fish manicure before everyone else catches the hook.
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Place your colorful fish design over a clear jelly base to give your mani fresh-water vibes.
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Alternating the directions of the fish keeps it looking cool, not cutesy.
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To get this look — a more muted koi fish design — you'll need two OPI polishes: Yank My Doodle terracotta and the midnight-blue Less is Nors. That and a really steady hand.
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You can paint one fish on your ring finger, and add chrome scales for extra pop.
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Pair a more graphic fish design with pale-yellow polish and a seersucker dress for a look that screams summer in Cape Cod.
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If you're really going for it, you can add clear, bubble-like decals over the top of every finger.
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A mermaid turquoise polish makes a fun backdrop for these coral fishies.
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Or you can stick with the same color family and choose a fish design that plays with different shades of blue.
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If you want a more subtle take on the trend, some artists are experimenting with fishy French tips, and adding a teeny swimmer on just the thumbnails.

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