Yet Again, Lindsay Lohan Has Been Burned

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Parent Trap star turned beach club owner Lindsay Lohan may have achieved her dream of becoming a bona fide businesswoman (the Lisa Vanderpump of E!, if you will) but there's one role that is still tragically out of reach. Lohan was denied a part in a new version of The Little Mermaid, and honestly, it's like the casting directors aren't even seeing her passion.
Lohan established that the redheaded Ariel was her dream role on Instagram back in 2016, when a non-Disney version of the fairytale was in the works. However, even after that film lost Chloë Grace Moretz as the lead, no one gave Lohan a call to step in. Disney is currently working on an adaptation of the 1989 animated film, but Lohan's name does not appear to be on the shortlist for the lead part...or any part. At least, not yet.
What we do know is that Lohan is already out one live-action version of Ariel. According to People, Lea Michele will star in The Little Mermaid at The Hollywood Bowl, where a full orchestra will accompany her and the other cast members as the film plays behind them. It's going to be a good time!
But maybe not for LiLo, who, according to the account Instagram CommentsByCelebs, commented just one word on the casting announcement, made via the TheDisneyPrincesses page: "Huh?"
I think it's easy to see why Michele was chosen for the part. Like Ariel, she has a killer voice though unlike Ariel, it was honed on Broadway and Glee and not singalongs with a talking crab.
However, I would like to remind the world that LiLo also has decent pipes! Honestly, these lyrics could totally be used for a modern retelling of The Little Mermaid.
Who else is donating to the Kickstarter so LiLo can make her very own Little Mermaid? It's time this business lady takes this fish tale in her own hands.

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