The Game of Thrones Cast Can't Stop Thinking About These Deaths

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Going into Game Of Thrones’s eighth and final season, fans have one burning (freezing?) question: Who is going to die? The HBO epic’s latest poster seems to suggest the answer to the question is everyone. The trailers aren’t much more comforting, since the first preview was powered by either pitch-black terror or the icy menace of the Night King (Vladimir Furdik).
So, it was only natural to think of death on the Game Of Thrones finale season’s New York City red carpet on Wednesday night. Especially since many of the attendees at Radio City Musical Hall — from Kristian Nairn of Hodor fame to Oberyn Martell’s Pedro Pascal — suffered horrific on-screen tragedies on the show. However, the entire cast couldn’t spill a single secret on the cable drama’s upcoming final six episodes (otherwise HBO may unleash a pack of Faceless Men in response).
That’s why we instead asked everyone from Bran Stark’s portrayer Isaac Hempstead Wright to Melisandre the Red Priestess herself, Carice van Houten, which Thrones death is still haunting them to this day. Keep reading to find out their answers, what filming these heartbreaking scenes was really like, and who actually misses sadistic bratty boy king Joffrey (Jack Gleeson).

Hodor (Kristian Nairn)

“The big man still, Hodor. It’s got to be it. It stuck with me. Kristian’s also one of my very close friends as well. That one hurt a lot. I remember phoning him after seeing the episode. Tears. Floods of tears. [I knew] almost a year before that it was coming. But when reading that it was very [different]. No one wanted to see that guy go. He was so wonderful,” — Daniel Portman, aka Podrick Payne.
“It’s got to be Hodor. It’s got to be Hodor. It was so heartbreaking. That was filmed over three different locations in three different times. Because part of it was the vision. Part of it was inside the cave. Part of it was outside the cave.
"I remember shooting all of my bits first, which is the vision. Then for the cave stuff, I was asleep. So I was laying in my sled warging. That was pretty laid back for me. It was more intense for Kristian. But it was epic. It was a night shoot. It was heartbreaking watching it, and it was even more heartbreaking onscreen,” — Isaac Hempstead Wright, aka Bran Stark.
“Hodor. Hodor just broke my heart. I thought it was so sad. It was brilliant,” Conleth Hill, aka Varys.

Ned Stark (Sean Bean)

“I’m still sad about Ned Stark. I’ve gotten over it, but then the echoes of that are always there. And it was so surprising. The show had only just started. I was like, ‘...Is the show finished? What’s the show once Ned’s dead?’ You can never be safe on this show,” — Jacob Anderson, aka Grey Worm.
“Well the one that shocks the most is Ned Stark. I was in that scene, and I still thought he was going to be saved,” — also Conleth Hill.

Joffrey “Baratheon”

“Joffrey. I loved hating him,” Carice van Houten, aka Melisandre.

The Red Wedding Victims

“Em, I knew I was there for a limited amount of time. So it’s definitely not me. I think probably Michelle Fairley’s Catelyn Stark. That was brutal. And really unnecessary,” — Mark Addy, aka late king Robert Baratheon.
“I’m still sad about the Red Wedding. And I’m still very, very sad that Robb Stark is not with us anymore. If not only because I just love Richard [Madden, who played Robb], and I think he’s an amazing actor,” — Esmé Bianco, aka Ros.

Shae… But Also Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa)

“Myself! And Khaleesi’s husband. Khal Drogo! But it was really sad,” — Sibel Kekilli, aka Shae.

Thoros Of Myr (Paul Kaye)?

“Ned Stark… Oh, what am I saying! Thoros Of Myr. Thoros. Thoros,” — Richard Dormer, aka Thoros Of Myr’s best friend, Beric Dondarrion.

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