Is Westworld Referencing Game Of Thrones’ Hodor In This Scene? Fans Think So

There's only one show that people seemed to be as obsessed with as they are with Game of Thrones, and that's Westworld, so it makes sense that there might be a link between the two HBO shows. Or, rather, a nod, since fans of both noticed something in the most recent episode of Westworld that sounds a lot like a major plot point in last season's Game of Thrones. Hint: it involves doors. Before we dive in, here's the obligatory spoiler alert. If you're not caught up on Game of Thrones and Westworld, then close this tab or forever hold your peace. However, if you're like most of the world and can't stop watching, then you might already be one step ahead. A lot was revealed in Sunday night's episode of Westworld, the biggest twist being that Bernard is actually a robot. We found this out through a series of hints, the most telling of which was that he could not see a door that robots were programmed not to see. "What's behind this door?" Theresa (RIP) asked. "What door?" he responded, immediately bringing to mind that heartbreaking moment in Game of Thrones when "Hold the door" turned into "Hodor," revealing both the character's origin and demise. The internet was immediately all over it.
Who knows what else the shows have in common? We just hope it's not the incredibly long wait time in between seasons.

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