Kris Jenner Owes Her Famous Friend Money & She Wants It Back

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The Kardashian-Jenner clan has a hand in everything these days, from makeup to jeans to something called "Poosh." While the daughters of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians cast may be the face of the family, it's ultimate momager Kris Jenner who is really keeping everything afloat — and Jenner has the net worth of a cool $60 million to prove it. However, according to her pal Kathie Lee Gifford, Jenner wasn't always so flossy.
In a new interview with People, Gifford admits that she once gave her reality TV star friend some cash during desperate times.
"Kris was having financial problems," Gifford explained to the outlet. "I loaned Kris money years ago because they needed it. They were really struggling."
Now, of course, Gifford joked to People that she wants her money back, but it apparently was more than just cash that Gifford gave Jenner. Gifford also infused her with the confidence to go forth with KUWTK, the reality show that launched an empire.
"I told Kris, ‘You guys of all people in the world should have a reality series. You should, it’s made for your beautiful children," Gifford told People.
Forget cold hard cash: Maybe Jenner should pull a Kylie Jenner and buy Gifford a Ferrari instead.
Gifford's comments aren't the first time we've heard about Jenner's financial struggles. In a 2014 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Jenner told daughter Kourtney Kardashian about the time that she and her then-spouse, Caitlyn Jenner, weren't quite as wealthy as they are now.
"[Caitlyn] had jet skis and motorboats and snowmobiles and a house on Lake Tahoe but the truth is, we owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes," Jenner said on the TV show. "We didn’t have any money."
Things obviously worked out for the famous family — let's hope that Gifford gets what's hers.

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