Who Kidnapped The On My Block Crew In That Jaw-Dropping Season 2 Finale?

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Warning: Spoilers ahead for On My Block season 2 finale, “Chapter Twenty.”
The On My Block kids nearly did it — they almost got away with a foolproof plan. The second season of the Netflix coming-of-age comedy mostly centers around two dilemmas: how to save Cesar Diaz (Diego Tinoco) and how to clean their $200,000-worth of the RollerWorld conspiracy money. With finale “Chapter Twenty,” the two come together. Over the half hour, the leading foursome, with some help from Cesar’s big brother Spooky (Julio Macias) and OMB breakout Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia), uses their newly non-incriminating cash to buy Cesar’s safety from the multiple gangs turned against him. They even take down the Prophet$ faction in the process.
Then, the teens have to ruin that win by getting kidnapped in the last 30 seconds of the finale. Or at least Cesar, Ruby Martinez (Jason Genao), and Jamal Turner (Brett Gray) are abducted. Monse Finnie (Sierra Capri) completely misses her friends’ capture since her back is turned to the entire messy event due to a classic fit of self-righteousness.
The question is, who actually did the kidnapping? While all signs point to a surviving Prophet$ strangler, there are quite a few reasons that theory is probably wrong.
It’s important to look at who was actually abducted and who wasn’t. Monse was not. If any remaining Prophet$ figured out Cesar and Spooky played the gang, slipped them the dirty Freeridge robbery cash, and brought down their entire organization, an almost comical broad-day kidnapping would not be their response. These are people who leave bullets on the doorsteps of nice family homes, shoot up quinceañeras, and possess a murder room (as we see at the top of “Chapter Twenty”). A quiet abduction is not their vibe.
Furthermore, a repeated concern throughout On My Block season 2 is the propensity for Freeridge gang members to harm a rival's girlfriend as a form of revenge. Those fears come dangerously close to being realized in 2019 penultimate episode “Chapter Nineteen,” when a pack of Prophet$ roll up on Monse and her friends. Although the men intimidate Ruby, it’s Monse whom they’re most interested in. If the Prophet$ were looking for violent retribution over Cesar's tricky scheme, they wouldn’t kidnap him, Ruby, and Jamal. They would kill Monse. Yet, she’s the only one left standing when the credits play on “Chapter Twenty.”
So, the kidnappers likely aren’t attempting to get vengeance against Cesar or any of the other boys. That’s why the most likely abduction culprits are either Cuchillos, the often talked about and never seen Santos boss, the Freeridge robbers, or some yet-to-be introduced group. After all, it appears the trio of abductors were simply looking for one of the three boys and took whomever else was with him. Hence Monse’s exclusion after she walked away from her pals.
It’s possible Cuchillos is so impressed with the way Cesar crushed their Prophet$ enemies he wants a meeting with the teen. Therefore, he sent some of his goons to go find him. Similarly, the Freeridge robbers may be looking to rob another bank in a prospective season 3 and want Cesar to explain how he cleaned his OG cash. Lastly, a mystery party could want that same information or different secrets from either Ruby or Jamal.
Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell which, if any, of these possibilities are actually right. The camera stays focused on Monse during the abduction, blurring out the faces of the kidnappers and their van. All we can see are their indistinctive all black outfits. You can barely even glimpse the attackers' hands when they pick up the boys up and throw them in a van. Unsurprisingly the vehicle is also obscured. We can barely tell the car's color, let alone whether there are any clue-baring markings on it. Thanks to camera angles, the license plate is kept hidden, too. Clearly, the On My Block team took great pains to make it impossible to ferret out who did the kidnapping.
It’s unclear who’s going to be more shocked come a possible OMB season 3: Monse when she realizes she missed her best friends’ violent kidnapping, or fans when they learn who abducted them in the first place.

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