Is Ruby Alive? Netflix's On My Block Season 2 Trailer Hints At Its Biggest Mystery

Photo: courtesy of Netflix.
Spoilers ahead for season 1 of On My Block.
Season 1 of Netflix’s On My Block wasn’t all fun and games, but a lot of it certainly was. The RollerWorld conspiracy! The love triangles! The Gnomies! Then the finale, “Chapter Ten,” arrived and devastated us all ahead of seas 2. After multiple twists and turns, the season 1-ender seems to be closing with a sweet quinceañera-set dance party — until birthday girl Olivia (the polarizing Ronni Hawk) and beloved genius Ruby Martinez (Jason Genao) both get shot in a gang hit gone awry (Diego Tinoco’s Cesar Diaz was the real target).
After 10 episodes of laughs, fans were left wondering if sweet Ruby was dead. Well, the promotional materials for season 2, which premieres Friday, March 29, are finally here — and it looks like Ruby may just survive. That doesn’t mean everyone is so lucky, though.
The On My Block season 2 trailer, which is comprised of the second season's three-and-a-half-minute cold open, confirms the new episodes will begin with a painful look at the dramedy’s L.A. neighborhood. Over the first two minutes, we see memorials to various young victims of gang violence in the area. There are tween Black boys and toddler Latinx girls, all gone far too soon. The suggestion is that Ruby will end up as the central figure in the last shrine we see, especially since his tearful family, clad in all black, shows up in the clip.
But then the last scene delivers a surprise. We see Ruby in a casket, and then his eyes pop open. Ruby, it seems, lives.
The first production stills of season 2 show us two images of Ruby alive, well, and back in high school. In one, he looks off in the distance next to Cesar, Monse Finnie (Sierra Capri), and Jamal Turner (Brett Gray). In the other photo, we see the back of Ruby’s head during an intense conversation with Jamal, Monse, and usual comic relief Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia, with perfect brows). Unless both of these images are a dream sequence from a hospital-bound Ruby, they also hint at a prospective main goal for season 2, as Jasmine is holding a legal pad with “Agenda: Cleaning The Green” scrawled on it.
Photo: courtesy of Netflix.
Photo: courtesy of Netflix.
Soon enough, we’ll learn what The Green is and why it needs cleaning.
However, the bigger mystery here is whether Olivia died in the season 1 finale shooting. While Ruby is apparently back on his feet, Olivia is nowhere to be seen in the cold open nor the six episodic photos Netflix made available to press. After all, credits confirm beyond a doubt we’re seeing Sierra Capri’s back in the lunchroom image. Considering the fact Olivia was shot directly in the middle of her chest in “Chapter Ten,” it’s likely her death is the reason the entire Martinez family is in mourning in the trailer and looks so upset over her photo with Ruby.
So get ready to cheer when Ruby hopefully lives in On My Block season 2 — and then reach for the tissues.

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