Kanye West Is Embracing The Rainbow Hair Trend

Photo: Backgrid.
It's been bleach blonde, it's been baby pink, it's been yellow and pink, it's been blonde with red splotches, and now Kanye West's hair is, well, every color of the rainbow. No, really.
On Thursday, the rapper stepped out in Calabasas, California, with hair dyed red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and we think there's some indigo in there, too. Like we said — rainbow. Thankfully, West's go-to colorist Daniel Moon decided to not have the colors in a literal arc pattern, but instead dyed the vibrant shades to look like they're dripping down his head in amoeba-like shapes.
"We’ve had a relationship experimenting with color for a while, so we wanted to push the boundaries of our collaboration and do something that was next level," Moon tells Refinery29. "The color choices were based on previous colors that we know look good on him — like red-orange — while moving forward with a more unique pattern and utilizing more colors, all the while sticking with complementary power hues to match the passion of Kanye West."
Moon says the dyeing process took three hours from start to finish, and that West "reacted very positively and was stoked about the final result."
Now, given that West's last dramatic 'do involved shaving what appeared to be zebra stripes into his hair, it's safe to say that West is having a major experimental period with his hair right now. And the internet, as expected, is having a particularly good time with this rainbow moment.
After The Shade Room posted pictures of West's new look, fans started a debate on what his new hair really looks like. The long list of suggestions includes a lollipop, sherbet, a bowl of Trix cereal, a weather map, and even a melted snow cone. To others, it looked like he was trying to give Lush some ideas, with one commenter writing: "No shade...It reminds me of a bath bomb." Some people even started comparing this new hair to Rihanna's wild, rainbow birthday manicure.
But hey, after seeing people like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj rock rainbow hair so flawlessly, maybe the guy was simply inspired. Or, you know, maybe he wanted to divert attention away from his own intense family drama for a second.

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