This "7 Rings" Meme From A Friends Star Is The Last One You Need To See…Probably

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We admit that “7 Rings” and Friends star Lisa Kudrow was not the mashup we saw coming, but the internet is the home of things both wonderful and strange. Kudrow shared a video on Instagram of Ariana Grande’s already-iconic music video cut with a clip from her HBO show, The Comeback. The result is a total trip down the uncanny valley.
The video splices Grande’s chorus lyrics “I want it, I got it / I want it, I got it,” with Kudrow repeating “I got it!” in front of a blue screen. The source is a scene in the pilot episode of The Comeback, in which Kudrow plays Valerie Cherish, who stars in a reality TV show about being an aging sitcom actress (yes, it’s very meta). Cherish is attempting to nail a confessional about getting cast in a part, exclaiming, “I got it!” A producer off-screen isn’t convinced that Cherish’s enthusiasm is real, so she asks Cherish to repeat the phrase several times. Cherish eventually becomes frustrated and storms off the set.
The Comeback, which is like Curb Your Enthusiasm with fourth wall-breaking confessionals, is an interesting choice to splice with Grande’s video. It’s worth noting that there is power and reclamation in “7 Rings”; her lyrics portray Grande as a woman who can purchase her own luxury goods. Meanwhile, the footage of Cherish portrays her as someone desperate to re-enter fame’s good graces in a process over which she has no control. The video was ostensibly created as pure internet novelty, but the horrifying implication is that the now-empowered Grande is only years away from fading from the limelight, at which point she will be another Valerie Cherish, doing reality TV takes as a burned-out star. We hope we’re not reading too much into this, but watch it yourself and see where the vibes take you.
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