These New Deductions Can Get You Your Biggest Refund This Tax Season

Taxes kind of suck. I mean, generally speaking, anything that requires you to dig through mountains of paperwork, crunch numbers, keep up to date with changing tax law, and potentially cough up a bunch of money isn't exactly designed to be fun.
Whether you're planning to do your taxes online or work with an accountant, it helps to know which deductions and exemptions you are entitled to, so you have a rough idea of how big of a refund you might get — or how much you could owe to Uncle Sam.
So we spoke to Brittany Turner, CPA, the founder of Countless, a New York City–based accounting firm for creatives. Brittany compiled a list of ten tax credits and deductions to be aware of while heading into tax season this year.
And while taxes are complicated enough to begin with, thanks to Trump's recent tax reforms, some of the deductions and exemptions we had come to count on have been nixed or altered. But fear not! Brittany is here to demystify all the new changes and help you get the biggest refund you can.
Ahead, Brittany's ten most important tax deductions and exemptions to keep in mind.

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