Here's What We Know About Cardi B's Arresting Clam-Oyster Dress At The Grammys

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
Cardi B is truly living a fairy tale life. Not only does she have a jaw-dropping Harper's Bazaar spring digital cover, but sis has the vintage Thierry Mugler Couture, too. We've known for some time that Cardi had an aesthetic all her own, but we were not at all prepared for the high-fashion moment she gave us Sunday night on the Grammys red carpet.
The 26-year-old arrived at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, not only nominated twice, but wearing a look straight out of a Botticelli painting. (The Birth of Venus, to be precise.)
For the occasion, she wore vintage Thierry Mugler from the designer's 1995 fall couture collection. Dressed like a pearl inside of an oyster, Cardi walked the red carpet with the help of her publicist, stylist, and security guard, each of them clearing the way for the new mother. She shut down the carpet, literally.
This particular look is memorable, because model Simonetta Gianfella wore the work of art down Mugler's 1995 runway. At the time, Vogue described Mugler's 20th anniversary party as "memorable more for its performance by James Brown; its cameos by the likes of Tippi Hedren, Patty Hearst, and Veruschka; and its rather liberal use of fetishistic latex," declaring it a "fitting end for this list of the nineties’ most unforgettable fashion shows."
It's safe to say that Cardi, too, in Mugler, is one of this Grammys night's most unforgettable fashion looks as she serves under-the-sea realness.

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