Is Dina Lohan Being Catfished? Nev Schulman Is On The Case

Photo: FilmMagic/FilmMagic.
Celebrity Big Brother viewers had their hearts warmed on Thursday when Lindsay Lohan’s mom Dina announced she had been talking to a “special someone” for five years, and hopes to marry him one day.
That feeling only extends so far, however, before the chill hits. The problem? Lohan said she has never technically met this person, or even FaceTimed with him, because he lives in San Francisco (Lohan is based in New York) and does not use FaceTime, according to People.
Many people, including Lohan’s Big Brother cast members, found that a little odd. Among those expressing suspicion is someone whose literal job it is to do so: Nev Schulman. On Friday, the Catfish frontman quote-tweeted a headline about Lohan’s new paramour, along with some of his all-caps personal commentary.
Schulman also seemingly offered his hand to help uncover the truth about Lohan’s potential fiancé on Catfish, writing, “Let’s do this!”
And you know what? As far as schemes go, this seems like one that could actually happen.
First of all, Lohan is clearly interested in developing a reality TV presence. Plus, Catfish airs on MTV, which also happens to be the channel on which Lohan’s daughter, Lindsay, currently has her own reality program, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. It might require a Catfish crossover episode with Beach Club (in fact, please let it!). Even if that’s not in the cards, we can probably all agree that Lohan needs the Catfish treatment, stat.

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