Tyra Banks Just Told Ariana Grande What To Do With Her Ponytail

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The hands-down best episodes of America's Next Top Model were the makeover episodes. This is not up for debate. This is a fact.
They were usually the most dramatic of the season, with host Tyra Banks telling girls who had hair down to their waist that to make it in the fashion industry, they'd have to, idk, shave their entire head. Hysteria often ensued, but Banks' vision was almost always right, with the girls transformed into supermodels over the course of an hour.
For fans of ANTM (like me), it's been normal to daydream about what Banks would do to your hair if she ever got the chance to show you your full supermodel potential. On Wednesday evening on Twitter, ANTM superfan Ariana Grande got a chance to ask the woman herself.
The opportunity arose after Banks tweeted out a picture of Grande and the message: "What a pony. What a 'tail.'" To that, Grande wrote: "I always wondered what you’d do w my hair on the makeover episodes. i’m scared to know. but also. tell me. please. i won’t do it. but please tell me."
Fans waited with baited breath. Would Banks tell her it's time to shave the whole thing off? Would she tell her it's time to turn that ponytail into a braided ponytail? Would she tell her it's time for a bob?
Minutes later, Banks broke it down. First, she wrote that if she wasn't already her height (5'10") she'd want to be Grande's (5'0"). Weird aside, but ok. Then, she revealed that she loves Grande's ponytail so much that she actually teaches it in her class at Stanford.
"I teach Personal Branding at @StanfordGSB and on day one, my lecture touches on the power of your pony," she wrote. "An iconic, visual cue to the world that identifies you!"
She then added: "You betta not touch that tail."
"Yoooo the greatest tyra mail of all time," Grande wrote back, referencing the unforgettable "Tyra Mail" messages Banks would leave for contestants on the show. If Grande was ever for a second considering losing her signature 'do, Banks just ensured she never will. Well, at least for this episode.

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