These Are The Sexiest Cities In The U.S. — Did Yours Make The List?

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Whether you're booking a Valentine's Day getaway, planning your next bachelorette party, or trying to move to a place with single people, you might have wondered which city in the United States is the sexiest. If you had to guess, Las Vegas is notoriously sexy, Miami is literally hot, and even New York City has its moments. But the truth, according to a recent survey from the sex toy retailer Lovehoney, might surprise you.
Lovehoney analyzed data from their past three years of sales, and identified how people's sex preferences and desires vary in cities across the country. They used their findings to create an interactive map that allows you to search your city and see how it "ranks," as well as what types of sex toys or terms people are searching for in your area.
So, what is the sexiest city in the U.S., you might ask? The number one sexiest city in 2019 is Morgantown, West Virginia, according to Lovehoney. This might strike you as somewhat surprising, given West Virginia's sleepy reputation, but perhaps the students at West Virginia University have something to do with Morgantown's high ranking. According to Lovehoney, Morgantown residents purchased the most vibrators, bondage, anal toys, and butt plugs out of the 250 cities surveyed. The most popular sexual fantasy in Morgantown is "sexy secretary," and the popular searches are "prostate," "strap on," "vibrator," "Broad City," and "butt plug."
The second place city in Lovehoney's survey is Boulder, Colorado, where the "most popular sexual fantasy" is French maids and butlers, and the average length of dildos bought is 7.34 inches. Salt Lake City, Utah, comes in third place, and the most popular searches there are "strap on," "butt plug," "lube," "dildo," and "vibrating panties." Finally, Pittsburgh is in fourth place, and Bozeman, Montana is in fifth. Get these cities' tourism boards on the phone, because these findings paint a very interesting picture of America across the map.
While these findings might be unexpected, or at the very least unscientific, it's important to remember that you can't make any assumptions about people's sexual preferences. Even though these cities might have vanilla reputations, clearly there's a lot going on behind closed doors. Giggle all you want about West Virginia "mountain mamas" role playing as secretaries, but hopefully this survey will inspire residents of other cities to proudly own their kinks and fantasies, too.

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