February Click List: R29 Entertainment Editors' Picks For The Month

Right now, a polar vortex is sweeping across a vast majority of the United States, keeping many indoors under several blankets. Even if you live in Florida, you should probably use this as an excuse to hunker down in support of your fellow Americans. It’s your patriotic duty.
February is a great time for it to be below freezing outside, because there’s more great content than ever coming out to watch, read, and listen to. Want to cry? Watch the third season of touching family sitcom One Day at a Time on Netflix, or Patriot Act on Netflix (jokes about crying over the state of our country are still funny, right?). Want to celebrate Hollywood and watch Rami Malek possibly win an Oscar for playing Freddie Mercury, beating Bradley Cooper for lowering his voice a full octave to play Jackson Maine? The Academy Awards are on February 24! That gives you almost a full month build your indignation for the moment that envelope is opened.
Ahead, get our recommendations for everything you should do to avoid going outside in February. Do it for yourself. Do it for your country.

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