The Best Netflix Show To Stream For Every Kind Of Couple

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Choosing what show to stream as a couple is difficult. From the jump, everyone has different tastes. But, there’s also the question of just how much time you and your significant other want to invest in a new Netflix show. Are you two thinking about a year-long endeavor, or just a quick roll in the hay with a fun new series? And, exactly how much brain power do both of you actually want to give a show? There’s dinner to cook, sex to enjoy, sleep to be had, and only so many extra hours to devote to television as a couple.
Plus, you don’t want to pick something so intense, it will push one of you into watching your new “Us” show without the other. No one likes the taste of betrayal.
So our gift to you is picking out the perfect Netflix series for you and your partner. Keep reading for the best shows for busy couples, frisky couples, and couples who are down to binge so long, they becomes part of the couch.

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