Reminder: Raven Gates & Adam Gottschalk Are One Of Bachelor Nation's Healthiest Couples

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Bachelor naysayers might be surprised to hear this, but Bachelor Nation is home to a lot of healthy couples right now. There's Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick, the newfound post-Bachelorette relationship of the decade, there's Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams, and, lest you forget, there's Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk! On Kaitlyn Bristowe's podcast Off the Vine, Bachelor Nation's most candid podcast, Gates discussed her nearly 2-year relationship with the Dallas broker.
"One thing that I really liked about Adam in the very beginning, like in Paradise, is how he treated my friends," Gates told Bristowe. "He was so sweet to them. If they were going through something — like Kristina [Schulman] with the whole Dean [Unglert] situation, he would pull Kristina aside and talk to her, and really be invested." Clearly, Gottschalk is following the Spice Girls' "Wanna Be" advice.
Added Gates, "And I asked him one time, 'How did you become so great with women?' And he said — I mean, he's very close with his mom — he said that, at a very young age, he was interested in women. He was so interested in women that he would read magazines, articles, whatever he could — like, Cosmos, to see what made women happy, and how he could relate to their emotions...I'm like, 'Okay, I don't even know how I found you.'... I also just think he's tender-hearted."
To the women's magazine naysayers in the back: take that! Cosmopolitan has immense value. Also, are you hanging out with the Bachelor Nation naysayers?
Gates and Gottschalk met on Bachelor in Paradise in 2017, just after Gates appeared on The Bachelor and Gottschalk appeared on The Bachelorette. Gates told Bristowe on the podcast that, during their time in Paradise, Gottschalk would take her into the ocean — where mics aren't worn, and sound therefore isn't recorded — and say "dirty, dirty shit" to her.
"I was like, 'Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm playing hard to get.' And then in my mind, I'd be like, 'Hm, I wonder if he will,'" said Gates. Apparently, he held up his promise. Gates said that her description of the evening was simply #nonsurfaces, which means that she and Gottschalk had sex on...non-surfaces. Must have been all those Cosmopolitans.

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