The 14 Celebrity #10YearChallenge Photos That Blew Our Minds

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images.
When an internet challenge goes viral, people can usually expect the familiar cringe associated with watching teens eat cinnamon or people doing things they shouldn't be doing while blindfolded. But the latest challenge to grip social media is much more wholesome (we hope), and celebrities are especially obsessed with it.
The #10YearChallenge is simple: post a photo of yourself in 2009 beside a current 2019 one. Many people have taken the opportunity to gloat and show off their agelessness. Others have used it as a moment to show just how significant their glow-up has been, to varying degrees of hilarity. There's even a theory that all of these then-and-now split-screen photos will one day be mined by Facebook to train a facial recognition algorithm on age progression. Celebrities have gotten creative with the meme and tailored it the way they want, to the delight — and sometimes, horror — of fans.
Here are some of the best celebrity #10YearChallenge photos out there.

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