Men Really Seem To Hate This Rent The Runway Hot Pink Faux Fur Coat

The subscription-based, short-term rental model has infiltrated just about every part of daily life, including how we shop for clothes, thanks to Amazon Prime Wardrobe and Rent the Runway. Two years ago, the latter introduced a $159-a-month unlimited subscription offering everyday items like pants, jackets, and sweaters. According to the company's CEO Jennifer Hyman, the service is intended to help customers pare down their wardrobes; just rent what you need each season and return the items when you're finished — perfect for, say, trying out a statement item like a faux fur coat. Except one particular style has what reviews on the website paint as man-repelling qualities.
On Tuesday, Hayley MacMillen tweeted how "delighted" she was "this @RenttheRunway coat is unnerving everyone's husbands and boyfriends." The Apparis fuchsia Goldie faux fur coat retails for $185, but Rent The Runway offers the coat for $35 for four days, $80 for two months, or $69 for one month. There are 11 reviews on the website, and while all of them are pretty positive, four mention the men having very strong opinions about the statement coat.
"My husband did not like this coat," user Drue wrote. "He said ''I'm not supposed to like it. I'm supposed to notice it.'' Her reviewing continued: "Aside from the fact that he doesn't understand fashion, I will agree with the sentiment- this coat is ICONIC!!!! It's also super warm. I wore it to an art show and it was a hit. You can rock a pink coat! Don't be scared!" While reviewer Caitlin was shocked her husband was taken back by the color, Brady wrote her husband told her he was embarrassed to be seen with her while she wore it but that didn't stop her from enjoying the piece — which just might be the best endorsement, ever.
As MacMillen wrote in response to her initial tweet (and the men who took issue): "Look upon this fuchsia faux fur, ye mighty, and despair."

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