These $10 Waxing Strips Will Convince You To Toss Your Razor

Women are the world's most resourceful creatures for a number of reasons, but my personal favorite is the fact that for thousands of years, without fail, they have been able to find inventive ways to remove their body hair.
Granted, we're in the midst of a movement that empowers and encourages women to ignore the hairless standards impressed upon us. But we still can't deny millennia worth of body-grooming history, which happens to include evidence of prehistoric cave drawings suggesting we once used shark teeth (!) to pluck rogue hairs right out of the follicle. See? Resourceful.
Lucky for us present-day hair-removing hopefuls, there now exists an endless supply of tools and treatments just in case you do like to keep some parts — or all parts! — of your body hair-free, including razors, lasers, tweezers, scissors, clippers, trimmers, sugaring, and waxes ranging in price from relatively cheap to a whole month's paycheck. But the latest and greatest comes from a direct-to-consumer brand that's already famous for making shaving easier, more convenient, and affordable. As the new female-friendly version of men's personal-care brand Harry's, Flamingo offers cheap hair-removing essentials — including the only at-home waxing strips I've ever not hated.
Unlike the kind you might see on middle-of-the-night infomercials, this body-hair wax doesn't require any heat or bulk order of popsicle sticks to use. In fact, it doesn't take much at all, aside from the strip itself and... well, some privacy helps. Since the strips come ready-to-use, all I had to do was peel off the plastic protective slip, smooth the wax-coated paper onto my leg in the direction of the hair growth (waxing rule #1), and pull in the opposite (waxing rule #2). I half expected Friends' Chandler and Joey to come barreling through the door at what I imagined would be bloodcurdling screams (see: "The One with the Morning After"), but that never happened. In one swift motion I gently, but quickly, tore off the strip to reveal a hair-free patch — and I didn't even scream a little bit.
For what it's worth, I rarely get waxes. In fact, the first time I got a wax (a bikini wax, no less), I saw Hillary Clinton at the Plaza and decided that experience was too good to ever top. But this experience, while certainly no Hillary sighting, was surprisingly seamless. It might not have been painless, but it's comforting to know there's an at-home waxing option out there that won't make your eyes swell with tears.
While the kit doesn't include anything snazzy, like rare substances recently discovered in the the depths of the rainforest or a name like Waxine (seriously, just watch the Friends episode already), it's meant to be a fuss-free option for those of us who enjoy the inexplicably satisfying sensation of smooth, hairless skin. Simply put, the strips do what they're supposed to, which is effectively remove hair. And really, isn't that all we've been looking for since our shark-teeth days?
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