Relax: Here’s Every Song In Bandersnatch, To Set The Ultimate ‘80s Mood

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
If you’ve been missing the ‘80’s nostalgia-meets-horror aesthetic of Stranger Things, the Black Mirror movie Bandersnatch has you covered — at least musically. Netflix lovers are obsessed with the choose-your-own-adventure flick that blurs the lines between video game and movie for one-of-a-kind entertainment for the streaming age. Though the technology behind Bandersnatch might seem like the future of entertainment, the soundtrack is a blast from the past.
If you’ve spent hours trying to figure out all of the possible endings for protagonist Stefan (is it possible one of the still undiscovered endings might not lead to total horror?), then you have spent some time with the sounds of the ‘80s. For those of us who have been wondering non-stop what on earth the song is that plays on the Now 2 cassette that is among the first choices you make for Stefan (you didn’t pick the Thompson Twins, did you?), What’s On Netflix has compiled a list of all the songs in Bandersnatch. Check out the top nine ‘80’s jams to bob your head to while hunting down horrific Easter eggs hidden in the paths of the film.

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