These Are Black Mirror: Bandersnatch's 5 True Endings & What They Mean

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Warning: Spoilers ahead for Bandersnatch.
Black Mirror: Bandersnatch might be 2018’s greatest enigma. After all, the brand-new Netflix movie comes with well a reported more than one trillion permutations of the interactive story. Will hero Stefan Butler (Fionn Whitehead) have Sugar Puffs or Frosties? Drop acid or unwittingly get drugged by his hero (Will Poulter)? Kill his dad Peter (Craig Parkinson) or wait until later to kill his dad Peter?
All of these questions build up to a few very different endings. In fact, Bandersnatch boils down to five different “true” conclusions, as the internet is calling them. Yes, viewers’ Choose Your Own Adventure-style decisions may result in many different Stefan deaths or the end of a timeline, but Stefan’s journey only has a handful of legitimate finales.
The difference between a forced ending — like, say Stefan falling off of a building — and a true ending — like Stefan winding up in prison — comes down to the credits. When it comes to the latter, the credits roll on Bandersnatch, suggesting the movie is actually over. On the other hand, when Stefan jumps to his death, the film restarts and asks a viewer to choose a new path; that's Black Mirror's way of telling us the adventure isn't over.
All together, it’s pretty difficult to figure out Bandersnatch’s confirmed five endings. So, we did all the investigating for you. Keep reading to find out all the ways the movie ends, how Stefan makes it to each ending, and what it all means.
Maybe this topsy-turvy tale might just make sense after all.

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