Black Mirror Just Got Into Its Own Head — & Yours

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
A new report from Bloomberg suggests that Black Mirror is going, well... full-on Black Mirror.
Per anonymous sources, Netflix is planning on releasing an interactive episode of Charlie Brooker's technology-focused anthology series — and it's happening soon. According to the report, the new, choose-your-own-storyline episode will be in the very next batch, when the show returns for season 5. (Another show to include this interactive element is children's program is Puss in Boots.)
The expected season 5 episode will be the first of Black Mirror to feature this element, though, really, it seems like the exact sort of thing that would show up within an episode of the series. The show is an exploration of the relationship between human nature and technology, examining the ways in which people might use advanced versions of the tools we already have in everyday life. Just imagine: a Black Mirror family bickering around their floating TV, trying to pick a storyline to embark on during season 27 of Stranger Things.
Of the possible interactive episode, a representative for Netflix had this to say:
"Thanks for reaching out! You have the ability to choose your own response from Netflix: This or this."
It's worth wondering if choosing our own adventure within Black Mirror might allow fans to finally see a happy ending within the series. After all, with the exception of just a small handful of episodes (including season 3's Emmy-winning "San Junipero"), Black Mirror is a total bummer. Season 4 actually had a slew of wow-that's-depressing storylines, including "Arkangel," which ended with a broken relationship between a teen and her overly-concerned mother, who used technology as a way to become the ultimate helicopter parent. Of course, that episode wasn't nearly as bleak as "Crocodile" or "Metalhead," both of which ended in straight-up murder.
Sure, Black Mirror could give audiences the agency to create more uplifting content — or it could use the interactive element to remind fans that there are no happy endings when we give ourselves over the technology. Bleak? Sure. Totally Black Mirror? Of course.
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