Meet Black Mirror's New Star Fionn Whitehead, Not To Be Confused With These Other Finns

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Instead of Netflix dropping its promised slew of season 5 Black Mirror episodes to close out 2018, the streaming platform is gifting fans a full-length film instead. Titled Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, the trailer for the upcoming movie teases that a hyper realistic video game will be at its center.
Also at its center? An actor named Fionn Whitehead — who you should definitely not confuse with those other television FWs.
In Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Whitehead portrays a young computer programmer who may or may not be losing his mind. Will the game he's working on go the route of many a Black Mirror plot device and ruin lives forever? Probably! But we won't know for sure until Black Mirror: Bandersnatch hits Netflix on December 28.
As for Whitehead, the 21-year-old actor is a relative newbie to Hollywood. The London-born star rose to prominence when he portrayed the titular telekinetic character in ITV series HIM. After that, he starred in Christopher Nolan's 2017 war film Dunkirk and, later that same year, opposite Emma Thompson in The Children Act. He also performed a monologue for the BBC series Queers.
Big things for such a newcomer! However, there are a few things that Whitehead has not done, which is defeat a Demogorgon or join the Ryan Murphy universe. Those tasks were completed by the other Finn/Fionn Ws of Hollywood.
This is Finn Wittrock, whom you may know from American Horror Story, American Crime Story, and La La Land. He will not appear in the next Black Mirror installment, though he is slated to do some sort of project with Darren Criss and Cody Fern, so stay tuned for that!
Here's him with his dog:
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Then there's Finn Wolfhard, who though a Netflix star, will also not appear in the new Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. He's too busy shooting season 3 of Stranger Things and working on some sick tunes with his band. Because, yes: This 16-year-old has a band, 11 million Instagram followers, and much more street credit than you will ever.
Tune into Black Mirror: Bandersnatch when it drops December 28.

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