Apparently, Princess Charlotte's Bridesmaid Dress Is The Source Of That Meghan & Kate Feud

Photo: Paul Grove/WPA Pool/Getty Images.
Rumors of a feud within Kensington Palace has plagued the royal family for a while now, but no alleged beef has fascinated tabloids quite as much as that between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.
For all we actually know, no such drama between the two women exists: Meghan and Kate have been nothing but pleasant to one another publicly. Kate even told fans how excited she is for her children to have a cousin in Meghan and Prince Harry's child.
But, if there ever was tension between these princesses, a "source" claims to have the answer to where it started.
According to a "friend" of the royal family, who spoke to People for this week's cover story, it all started just before Harry and Meghan's wedding, which took place in May of 2018.
“There was an argument between Meghan and Kate over the fit of [3-year-old] Princess Charlotte's dress,” the source told People, adding that the lack of dress fittings for bridesmaids was "stressful" for everyone.
They also claimed that Kate was "left in tears" over the situation.
This isn't the first time this dress fitting has come up: Back in November, the Daily Mail also reported that there was an altercation over alterations, but suggested that Kate's emotional response was mostly due to having just given birth to Prince Louis.
Heeeeere's the thing. There's no doubt that weddings are full of drama — it's why there are a billion TLC shows about weddings — and a royal wedding could make anyone feel the heat. But to suggest that Kate and Meghan are still holding on to one emotional moment from well over six months ago, that occurred during a time of extreme stress? Well, it simply doesn't seem reasonable.
Kate and Meghan may not be braiding one another's hair and having sleepovers, but to suggest that a momentary disagreement would equate to a full-blown royal feud seems silly — and just another way for the media to suggest that two powerful women can't exist in the same family without bickering.
For the record: Princess Charlotte's dress seemed to fit perfectly at the wedding, so let's assume that all's well that ends well in this case.

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