A Guide To The Rumored Feud Between Prince Harry & Prince William

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A feud between angry princes, just before the holidays? No, it’s not the plot of the next Netflix original Christmas movie: It’s an actual rumor that’s circling the royal family. Are Prince Harry and Prince William really fighting?
The truth is, we have no idea. The only thing we do know is what people are saying about this alleged drama, which is that tensions between William and Harry have to do with the latter’s big move with his pregnant wife Meghan Markle.
Earlier this week, a spokesperson for Meghan and Harry told The Daily Mail that the pair would be leaving Kensington Palace for a different home.
“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will move to Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor Estate early next year as they prepare for the arrival of their first child,” said the spokesperson for the royal couple. “Windsor is a very special place for Their Royal Highnesses and they are grateful that their official residence will be on the estate. The Duke and Duchess’s office will continue to be based at Kensington Palace.”
The couple previously lived at Nottingham Cottage, which is on the grounds of Kensington Palace... a place that Harry reportedly has very little interest in being anymore.
"Harry feels very imprisoned at Kensington Palace," royal biographer Ingrid Seward told People. "He can’t wait to get out.”
Moving is one thing, but The Sun teased that it was “tensions” between Harry and brother William that led to the split from Kensington Palace entirely.
Per a source for The Sun, Meghan and Harry were originally planning on living in one of the main apartments in Kensington Palace, but that due to some alleged fighting between the brothers, “Harry and Meghan don’t want to live next to William and Kate [anymore] and want to strike out on their own.”
Still, does this really mean that Harry and William are at odds? A source for Vanity Fair claimed that Harry “wants to be his own person not in William’s shadow” and that “the countryside works for him and Meghan because they want to raise their son or daughter away from the limelight.”
That doesn’t exactly scream Cain and Abel to me. More like healthy family boundaries?
Which isn't to say that real tension isn’t possible. Per Vanity Fair, a source — allegedly a mutual friend to the princes — claimed that Harry was annoyed last year when William “wasn’t rolling out the red carpet for Meghan.” Added the Vanity Fair source: “They had a bit of a fall out which was only resolved when Charles stepped in and asked William to make an effort. All was allegedly resolved when Kate and William invited Harry and Meghan to spend Christmas 2017 with them.
So again: All's well that ends well, yes?
Unfortunately, it's typically Meghan and Kate who are constantly making the news for their alleged "feud," of which there is approximately zero evidence. Kate recently gushed to about Meghan's soon-to-be-born baby.
"It's such a special time to have little kiddies," Kate told a fan in Leicester, in a video that was posted to Twitter. "And now a cousin for George, Charlotte and Louis as well! It'll be really special."
A feud? Honestly, it barely sounds like a tiff.

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