The Best Family-Friendly Shows To Binge Watch Over The Holidays

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
Choosing what to watch as a family is difficult. While Dad Shows are all dads really want to watch, the rest of us might not be lining up to tune into Ray Donovan or another NCIS franchise. And it’s unlikely all the sex, murder, and madness that dominate many of today’s most popular shows will stand as crowd-pleasing familial content. For proof, just look at this text I had to send my own parents about TNT’s critically acclaimed The Alienist.
Nevertheless, there are still solutions for family binge sessions. You simply need to find compelling content that isn’t filled with explicit sex scenes or visceral killings. Those shows exist, and some of them are very good. Keep scrolling to find out what to press play on the next time you want to hunker down on the couch with your loved ones — whether it’s for the holiday season or a lazy weekend.
Don’t worry, it’s not just 30 different recommendations to watch The Office.

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