The Magic Of John Cena Is That All Dads Think They Are Him

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures.
In the raunchy (but-not-in-the -ways-you-think) comedy Blockers, a group of teenage girls are ready to lose their V-cards on prom night, but face three adult-sized obstacles: their parents. John Cena plays Mitchell, one of those parents, the bulldog on the outside, softie on the inside father of Kayla (Geraldine Viswanathan). Kayla is the outspoken jock of her friend group (and IRL breakout star) — although no "Lady Bird" — she is an independent young woman, ready to experience life's bumps and humps. Her father, however, is dead-set on being her buffer through her prom night and beyond. He cries at the idea of his baby leaving home; he feels awkward hugging his little girl and feeling her womanhood get in the way of their warm embrace.
He is strong, he thinks he is wise, and he is ready to beat the life out of any boy that comes near his daughter. As a father-to-be to himself, the 6-foot-1, 250-pound former professional fighter's performance in Blockers is so memorable and praise-worthy for one big reason: when dads look in the mirror, they see John Cena.
Most dads are not professional WWE wrestlers, but all dads imagine themselves doing this to a guy who comes with a 10-foot perimeter of their daughters. He represents strength, intimidation, and dominance. He's every dad's wet dream, and every teenage boy's worst nightmare.
When asked if she felt that every dad thinks he's John Cena, Visawanthan agreed, recently telling Refinery29: "Dude, I feel like that’s exactly what my dad is going to say afterwards. One hundred dollars that my dad will be like ‘Yeah, I really related to John’s character.’ Like, no dad."
So much as Blockers is for young people, it's also for all the Tough, Cool, Intimidating Dads out there. They get to look up at the Hollywood version of themselves, puff out their chest, and do the "I'm Watching You" move to anyone who holds their gaze for too long.
So, let me be the first to welcome you, John Cena, to the Ray Donovan Club For Things Dads Like. You're gonna like it there.

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