This Tribute To Lady Bird Is Literally The Loudest Thing On The Internet

Photo: Courtesy of A24 Films
Some movies are notoriously loud, such as the Star Wars franchise or anything that Michael Bay has ever made. Then there are films that embrace life's quieter moments, like Greta Gerwig's Oscar contender Lady Bird. The Saoirse Ronan-starring mother-daughter film operates at a completely inoffensive level of noise for most of the movie, even if the titular character and her mother (Laurie Metcalf) do get into their fair share of verbal tiffs. So, imagine my surprise when I saw someone created a version of Lady Bird that was, well, the loudest thing ever.
Twitter user @laterchalamet created a version of the Lady Bird trailer in which she screams every single word. Yes: Every. Single. Word. Every moment, no matter how subtle within the context of the film, suddenly has so much energy behind it. It's hard not to feel uncomfortable and the extraness of it all, but it's also difficult to stop laughing over this bizarre take on the Best Picture nominee.
Watch the trailer below, and be careful with that volume — especially if you're wearing headphones.
The Lady Bird stans of the internet promptly lost their minds after seeing the remixed trailer.
"I have never felt so understood tbh," wrote on fan.
"I’m showing this to my kids and every child after," tweeted another.
Another had a simple request: "Put this in a museum."
However, @laterchalamet did not stop there. In their apparent quest to scream over all Timothée Chalamet movies, they also made a very loud trailer for Call Me By Your Name.
May I request this film be retitled Scream Your Name At Me? We are truly not worthy of this piece of art.
Keep your eyes and ears on @laterchalamet's Twitter account — they might just be dropping very loud versions of more Oscar contenders soon.

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