How Emily Blunt Came To Have The Coolest Hair In Hollywood

Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images.
There are some celebrities out there who are so low-key they don't often get the recognition they deserve. Case in point: Emily Blunt.
We love the Mary Poppins Returns actress for many reasons — including the fact that she married our fave John Krasinski, stole the spotlight in his movie A Quiet Place (and got nominated for it), and has one of the most quotable lines in The Devil Wears Prada. But first and foremost, our adoration stems from the fact that she has the chillest hair in Hollywood.
If you ever need air-dry inspiration, please take a look at Blunt's red-carpet appearances. Not only will you be inspired to ditch your blowout routine, but you'll also feel the immediate need to chop your hair to your collarbone, adopt a British accent, and set out to find your own Jim Halpert.
But before we can do all that, we have to figure out the hair, right? So, we talked to Blunt's hairstylist, Laini Reeves, who's worked with the actress for nearly 12 years. The pro spills all her beauty secrets, ahead, but consider yourself warned: Everything is as chill and effortless as you expected.

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