Travis Scott Is Headed To Harvard — What, Like It’s Hard?

Photo: Jackson Lee/Getty Images.
Ariana Grande pulled an Elle Woods with her “thank u, next” video, and now, it’s Travis Scott’s turn to do so… in real life.
According to Kylie Jenner's boo's Twitter account, Scott is heading to Harvard, because, what, like it’s hard?
(For the record, yes — it’s hard. It’s very hard.)
The Astroworld mogul isn’t technically in the Ivy League just yet. Per his tweet, he’s just in the process of applying.
“Im applying to Harvard In a couple days. And I really am excited,” wrote Scott on the social media platform.
Going Ivy is never easy. (Elle had to hire a Coppola to direct her admissions video, and she had a 4.0 GPA, a leadership position in her sorority, and oodles of extra curriculars.) Fortunately, Stormi’s dad has a leg-up on the competition.
The “Butterfly Effect” rapper taught a class at the esteemed institution this week, titled “A Master Class on Creativity.” According to People, Scott told the crowd: “I actually want to go to school here one day.”
Whether Scott will pack a UHaul and move to Boston full-time in the near future is unlikely, given his prior commitments to his music career. (Such as his Astroworld tour, which Jenner and daughter Stormi have joined him on.)
However, lots of stars have made it to Harvard without giving up their other career aspirations. Tyra Banks graduated from Harvard Business School in 2012. Natalie Portman, then of Star Wars prequel fame, took a four-year break from acting to attend the university and earn her psychology degree in 2003. Malia Obama did a gap year post high school, then headed to Harvard in 2017.
Basically, if Scott wants to do Harvard, he can find a way to make it and his rap career work. We're rooting for him, and we really want to see Stormi in a tiny crimson tee.

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