Kim Kardashian Cried Over Kris Jenner's "Thank U, Next" Cameo

Last Friday, Kris Jenner inhabited a role that seemed like it was made for her. In Ariana Grande's now-iconic music video for "Thank U, Next," which recreated scenes from 2000s movies like Legally Blonde and 13 Going On 30, Jenner stepped in to play Regina George's mom from Mean Girls. You know, the "cool mom" (as played by Amy Poehler) who aggressively videotapes her daughter's Christmas talent show performance?
In the video, as Grande and her friends dance around in naughty Santa outfits on stage, you'll catch Jenner, gyrating in the audience, holding up a video camera, and shouting "Thank you, next, bitch!"
It is a moment we will never forget, and it is a moment that made Jenner's daughter Kim Kardashian West literally weep.
"She was definitely meant for that role," Kardashian West tells Refinery29 this morning while promoting her fragrance launch at Ulta Beauty. "I was actually on FaceTime with Scooter Bruan [Grande's manager] when they were shooting that scene. So I was watching it in real time, and I was literally crying. I was like, crying watching her."
According to Kardashian West, Jenner was actually nervous about taking on the part. "I talked to her right after and just told her that was the most amazing thing ever," Kardashian West says. "She said she was actually so nervous because she had no idea what she was really getting herself into, and like dancing and stuff."
But obviously, Jenner was made for this role. After all, as Kardashian West noted, Jenner pulled exactly the same "cool mom" move at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show this year. "Did you see the Victoria's Secret show last night when my mom was literally doing that same thing?" Kardashian West asked us. "That was shot what, like, a month ago?"
And indeed, as fans saw last night when the VS Fashion Show finally aired, there was Jenner sitting on the sidelines, videotaping and shouting from the audience as her daughter Kendall Jenner walked the runway. As Kardashian West told us: "It was just perfect."

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